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PRP for Facial Rejuvenation: What Is It & How Does It Work?

A woman receives a PRP injection.

Covering your face in blood may appear to be an extreme method of skin rejuvenation. However, platelet-rich plasma facials may have the benefit of rejuvenating the skin, such as smoothing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars for a more youthful appearance. A platelet-rich plasma facial is safe for the majority of people. Although […]

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Is Medical Grade Skincare Worth It?

A close-up of a young woman with freckles and thick eyebrows, looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

Whether you’re looking for acne treatment or simply a way to have healthier, nicer-looking skin, many options are available nowadays. Treatments, creams, and supplements. It can all be overwhelming when deciding what skincare options are right for you. Not only are there multiple options, but there are also quality levels to consider. So, this article […]

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Is Acne Laser Treatment Permanent?

Close up of women receiving acne laser treatment at professional clinic

Acne laser treatment can help address an active breakout or leftover scars. While treatment is effective, are its results permanent?  Before you contact your skincare expert, learn more about acne laser treatment, including how it works and if the results are permanent.  How Acne Affects Your Skin Your skin has small holes that can become […]

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