A Solution For Hair Loss or Thinning

Gain a boost of confidence with thicker, fuller hair. By stimulating the hair follicles, platelet-rich plasma therapy can help you achieve the hair growth you’re looking for.

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A Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment

As platelet-rich plasma therapy continues to gain acclaim across the medical community for its tissue-rejuvenating properties, its use as a hair restoration treatment option is revolutionary. 

Like with other clinical applications, including joint therapy, this treatment essentially uses a patient’s own blood to promote repair and regeneration of aged or damaged tissues. 

Blood has two main components, red blood cells and plasma; plasma is made of white blood cells and platelets, and those platelets are rich in growth factors. The growth factors act as messengers to signal cells to start functioning, which is what stimulates hair follicle activity and promotes new growth.

How Hair Restoration Treatment Works 

The patented hourglass tube is a uniquely versatile tool that is the first of its kind to be capable of producing platelet-rich plasma that’s tailored to your aesthetic requirements – all without sacrificing quality, quantity or time. 

The process begins with a standard blood draw from a client’s arm. Next, the blood is centrifuged to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The resulting platelet-rich plasma then gets injected directly into the scalp. 

A meticulous process of injections across the scalp over areas of thinning hair begins. The whole procedure typically takes less than an hour. Patients feel minimal discomfort; bruising can occur, and Tylenol can be used for any irritation or pain.

Seeing Results

This hair-restoration option offers excellent results with minimal risk. 

At Zulu, we customize a treatment plan specifically designed for you and use a multi-modality approach to achieve the best results as possible.

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