Relief from Incontinence, Dryness, & Atrophy

Confidence isn’t something you wear on your face; it radiates throughout your body. If you’re feeling insecure about any part of yourself, your confidence will suffer.

Our feminine health services are designed to improve your comfort, quality of life, and confidence, by strengthening and rejuvenating your most intimate areas.

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One Procedure; Three Treatments


Many women experience some incontinence as they grow older or after they have children. IncontiLase is a non-invasive procedure that uses thermal laser techniques to stimulate collagen production. This tightens the vaginal and endopelvic tissue, providing the bladder with additional support.

Both ageing and overstretching during birth can result in a condition called vaginal relaxation syndrome. IntimaLase helps restore the vaginal canal to its optimal structure. This treatment is non-invasive and uses heat to stimulate collagen production. The increase in collagen tightens the vaginal and endopelvic tissue.

Up to 40% of women suffer from vaginal atrophy. This condition causes the vaginal walls to thin and become dry, usually after menopause. RenovaLase uses heat to stimulate collagen production. The increase of collagen can help build the muscles and thicken the tissue while also alleviating symptoms like dryness, irritation, and itching.