Glowing Skin with Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Aging is an unavoidable part of life. For some people, the effects of aging are not physically obvious. A simple skin care routine that involves toning, moisturizing and the use of sun blocks can suffice to maintain their radiant look.  

For other individuals, things can be very different. Some people may experience the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Others may suffer from dark spots, hyperpigmentation and saggy skin. 

If you fall into this category, there are minimally invasive treatments to correct and maintain your skin health.

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How It Works

During certain regenerative medicine treatments, the platelets in your blood plasma are separated from your blood and injected into your body to enhance your body’s natural healing response. 

Platelets are minuscule blood cells that are responsible for clotting. They release specific enzymes that enhance healing. Platelets also play a huge role in the area of tissue regeneration. They attract useful stem cells that help in the repair of the damaged regions. 

Your blood is drawn, treated accordingly and then the platelet-rich extract is injected into the affected region of your face.

Strategic injections are made to encourage healing via collagen production, production of new skin cells and skin hydration. 

Newfound Confidence With Rejuvenated Skin

Thanks to regenerative medicine treatments and your body’s natural healing process, the results can leave you with youthful, plumper, healthier and firmer looking skin. 

Results from these therapies are often natural looking and subtle, and can last for as long as 2 years. 

If you are interested in regenerative medicine treatments for your skin rejuvenation, request an appointment with our team at Zulu.

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