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How Long Does MORPHEUS8 Last?

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A woman receiving MORPHEUS8 treatment on her lower right cheek area.

There are some things you can’t control as you age. Take your skin, for example. As you get older, it starts to sag, wrinkles appear more visible, and all this can make you self-conscious. 

All is not lost, though. There are ways to help you regain that lost youthful look. Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive skin tightening treatment used to improve the appearance of loose, sagging skin that occurs with natural aging. 

But the question on everyone’s mind is how long does Morpheus8 last? Results can vary based on the individual, but generally, you can expect Morpheus8 results to last between 12 and 18 months. 

What Is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical treatment that uses microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) to remodel skin, tissue, and collagen and create a firmer skin appearance with reduced irregularities. It does this by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. 

Morpheus8 can address several concerns on your face and body, including:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten skin
  • Smooth uneven skin texture
  • Treat hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce acne scars
  • Reduce some fat
  • Improve the look of stretch marks
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

How Does Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 combines tiny needles (microneedling) and radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production for firmer skin. Treatment time can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of the treatment area. 

Before the procedure, a topical anesthetic numbs the skin. This ensures you don’t feel much and are comfortable during treatment. During the treatment, the first component is microneedling. 

Microneedling involves making tiny or micro-injuries to the superficial layers of the skin. It triggers the body’s natural healing response to these injuries by increasing collagen and elastin production. 

The second component is radiofrequency. The heat emitted from this can be adjusted to the desired skin depth. Deep tissue heating stimulates collagen and elastin production, remodels the skin, and can break down superficial fat. 

The result is an immediate tightening and increased collagen and elastin production over time. Morpheus8, as the name suggests, can deliver energy as deep as 8mm into the skin’s surface. 

What to Expect After Treatment

Because Morpheus8 is minimally invasive, one advantage includes no real downtown. Minor redness, itchiness, and swelling are some side effects you can experience for a few days after treatment.

Here are some things to note after treatment:

  • Avoid direct or excessive sun exposure for a few weeks after treatment.
  • Use a minimum of 30 SPF sunscreen when outside to protect your skin. 
  • Wait for 24 to 48 hours before wearing makeup.
  • Keep the treatment area well moisturized.
  • Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients can help boost your results after treatment. Speak to someone on our team before using any products. 

If symptoms don’t subside after a few days or you notice unusual pain, contact the clinic and let them know. 

A person being treated with MORPHEUS8 towards the back side of their neck on the left side.

How Many Treatments Are Required & How Long Does Morpheus8 Last?

Most patients need around 1 to 3 treatments, spaced one month apart. However, this can depend on the area, skin type and condition, and desired outcome. A consultation is generally required to determine this. 

Results can vary, but some patients may notice results in as little as a few days. Because the treatment involves stimulating collagen production, it can take up to 2-3 months to see skin tightening and the full benefits.

Allowing enough time for collagen to develop, optimal results are usually visible around 3 months. Morpheus8 results are not permanent, but for many patients, results last between 12 and 18 months. 

Here are some things you can do to maintain your results and preserve skin tightening after treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Wear sunscreen if you are in the sun
  • Don’t smoke
  • Practice a good skincare routine
  • Maintain yearly appointments

Advantages of Morpheus8

Numerous advantages of Morpheus8:

  • It can treat the fragile skin and soft tissue areas on your face.
  • It can also treat larger skin areas like the abdomen or buttocks.
  • Offer natural-looking results.
  • Is non-surgical.
  • It can treat multiple concerns at once.

Highlight Your Natural Beauty with Skin Tightening

If you wish to address your skin concerns with a non-invasive solution, Morpheus8 may be for you. Not sure if you’re a candidate? A consultation with our certified team can help. 
Request your appointment with Zulu Medical Cosmetics to get started on a customized treatment plan based on your needs, skin condition, and desired youthful look.


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