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Botox Lip Flip: What Is It & How Does It Work?

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Does your upper lip disappear when you smile? Have your lips slimmed with age? Do you feel like your smile is all gums? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be interested in lip-enhancing cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers or botox injections. 

If you want to add volume to your lips while maintaining a completely natural look, the Botox Lip Flip could be the right choice for you. 

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

Botox Lip Flips are quick, non-surgical and a temporary cosmetic procedure designed to plump and enhance your upper lip. The process involves a medical professional injecting botox into your upper lip and the corners of your mouth. 

These injections relax the muscles around your mouth, causing your lips to curl slightly and revealing more of the lip’s surface. This not only helps to cover more of your gums but can make your lips look plumped and voluminous. 

Benefits of A Botox Lip Flip

There are many benefits to receiving a Botox Lip Flip. Here are a few reasons why you should pick this treatment: 

Young happy woman receiving botox lip filler from professional.

How Does it Work?

While you may have heard of Botox for minimizing the effects of ageing, Botox can also be a subtle, temporary solution to thin lips.

Botox contains botulinum toxins, which are naturally occurring neurotoxins that can paralyze muscles temporarily. With a Botox Lip Flip, a medical professional will make several strategically placed injections along the upper lip. 

This process only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless. Patients usually see full results in several days, and the results can last a few months.

How Is a Botox Lip Flip Different From Lip Fillers?

Unlike a Botox Lip Flip, the lip process of a lip filler includes injecting substances, like hyaluronic acid, into your lips to increase their size or modify their shape. 

On the other hand, a Lip Flip is a simple injection of botox, which is less invasive and has a more subtle effect. Lip fillers last much longer than Botox, but some people prefer the more natural look of the Botox Lip Flip. 

As both are safe, the decision really comes down to how dramatic you want the change to be. 

Are You A Good Candidate For a Lip Flip?

You may be a good candidate for a Lip Flip if you:

  • Want fuller lips but do not want to get lip fillers
  • Suffer from a  gummy smile or a thin upper lip
  • Have lines around the mouth that are appearing with age 
  • Are interested in a temporary solution

What Happens During a Lip Flip Procedure?

The Botox Lip Flip is a fast and easy procedure that can be done in under 30 minutes, leaving your lips looking full and soft. 

Before the Procedure

There are certain things you’ll need to avoid for a few days before your procedure. To prevent excessive swelling, it is best to avoid alcohol and blood thinners for 3-4 days before your appointment. 

During the Procedure

The Lip Flip procedure is generally pretty straightforward. Here is everything you need to know about the procedure itself:

  • Your doctor or nurse injector generally won’t use numbing because the procedure is relatively painless
  • Your doctor or nurse injector will administer the Botox to the centre of the lips and corner of the mouth through several injections
  • The procedure can last up to 30 minutes but usually takes around 10 minutes to complete 

After the Procedure

Although you’ll most likely be able to resume everyday life after the procedure, some patients report numbness and swelling. For optimal results and to decrease swelling, you should avoid:

  • Smoking for 3-4 days after the procedure
  • Touching your lips until swelling and numbness subsides 
  • Sleeping in a position where you put pressure on the lips 

How Long Do Results Take?

One of the many benefits of the Botox Lip Flip is that you can see results quickly. Most patients will see the full effects of the treatment within 14 days of the procedure, with the effects lasting 2-4 months. 

Potential Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of the Botox Lip Flip include:

  • Drooling or trouble keeping fluids in your mouth
  • Trouble saying certain words
  • Trouble spitting or whistling
  • Drooping on one side of your mouth, similar to the appearance of a stroke

In rare cases, you may experience some more severe side effects. If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact your doctor:

  • Trouble swallowing
  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blurred vision

The Takeaway 

The Botox Lip Flip is quick, easy and relatively painless. It is an excellent option for those looking to boost their appearance without making a permanent change.

If you are interested in the Botox Lip Flip treatment or have any questions or concerns, contact us today!


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    Dr. Lombard has been working as a medical professional for over 21 years, and in that time, she has discovered a deep passion for the cosmetic side of medicine. Today, she specializes in cosmetic procedures, boasting 13 years in the industry.
    With deep compassion for her patients and a professional commitment to exemplary care, Dr. Lombard prioritizes health and safety over all else. When she isn’t hard at work, Dr. Lombard likes to spend time with friends in the mountains, enjoying good food and fine wine.

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