Our Proactive Approach to Primary Care

You should not have to wait until you are sick to see a doctor. Zulu Medical offers private primary care focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and detecting potential problems before they begin.

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What Does Private Primary Care Mean for You?

Alternative Options

We go beyond traditional primary care. In addition to diagnosing conditions and writing pharmaceutical prescriptions, we also focus on prevention. We will provide you with options to maintain your own standard of healthy living, which can be combined with traditional care if you so choose.

Zulu Medical pays extra close attention to your unique needs. Before every examination, we will pour over every detail, from your age and gender, to your medical history. Your annual exams are then tailor-built to satisfy your specific health needs, including advanced diagnostic testing.

We will ensure all the appropriate tests are performed at the appropriate times to avoid missing a diagnosis.

You are welcome to visit the doctor as often as you like. We will never limit your doctor visits. If you feel your health requires a trip to the doctor, you do not need to hesitate.

We will actively manage your medical records, ensuring every detail is up-to-date and making them available to other healthcare providers as needed.

We maintain a smaller patient load than public primary care doctors, which empowers us to offer a higher standard of care. You do not need to worry about the doctor running late. Our pre-booked appointments ensure you have plenty of time to discuss your health without feeling rushed.

If you have an appointment booked with us, we will be ready to receive you with a cup of your favourite tea or a bottle of mineral water.

You can always take advantage of Zulu’s primary care services, even if you are out of town. We are pleased to offer virtual consultations, so we can be available to you in any situation.

Your time is valuable. We can help you make the most of your time by contacting your pharmacy directly to request refills when appropriate.

We can seek specialist opinions on your behalf, so you do not have to wait for an appointment. In most cases, we can offer a specialist opinion within 2 weeks of your initial consultation. Once we have the specialist’s recommendations, we will discuss them with you.

Why Choose Zulu for Primary Care?

We believe that quality is never an accident. Instead, it is the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Quality represents the wise choice of many alternatives. That is what Zulu provides with private primary care.

We offer an exceptional patient experience in a modern, inviting setting. Our office is an elevated environment, designed to alleviate stress and help you focus on healing from the moment you step inside.

Primary Care Pricing

Professional fees are payable in full in advance. Flexible monthly payment options are available upon request.

1 adult:

$3,000 per year

2 adults, 2 minors:

$6,000 per year

1 additional minor:

$360 per year

Young Adult (18-25)

$1,625 per year