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How to Improve Gut Microbiome for Weight Loss

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A comprehensive look at wellness can include many aspects, including overall health. One health problem is excessive weight gain. 

Besides customized weight loss programs, your gut microbiome can play a role in your health and weight loss journey. Medical DNA testing can provide analysis of your individual genetic makeup and essential information and treatment for helping to maintain an ideal weight.

What Is Gut Microbiome?

The gut microbiome refers to the vast community of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract. This intricate ecosystem, predominantly in the large intestine, is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being.

The gut microbiome is dynamic, diverse, and unique to each individual. While an altered gut bacterial composition, known as dysbiosis, can lead to the development of inflammatory diseases and infections, the microorganisms in a healthy gut biome contribute to various physiological functions, such as:

  • Digestion: Certain microbes assist in the breakdown of complex carbohydrates and fibres that the human body cannot digest on its own.
  • Nutrients: The gut microbiome helps provide nutrients, such as vitamins.
  • Immune function: The gut microbiome influences a significant portion of the immune system.
  • Metabolism: The microbiome plays a role in regulating metabolism and harvesting energy.
  • Protection against pathogens: A healthy gut microbiome is a barrier against harmful pathogens. 

Gut Microbiome & Weight Loss

The gut microbiome can play a role in weight loss. Since the gut microbiome regulates glucose metabolism, appetite, and fat storage, it can influence energy metabolism and aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that your gut microbiome composition can say a lot about how you will respond to weight loss methods. 

Medical DNA Testing

One way to determine if you have a healthy gut biome is to have it tested. Medical DNA testing involves a comprehensive analysis of your DNA to provide insight into genetic makeup, health, and early detection of potential health risks to provide recommendations on improving your health and making informed decisions on medical treatments.

Analyzing your genetics can help you receive customized options for optimizing your gut to aid in weight loss. DNA testing can reveal:

  • Nutrition
  • Intestinal problems
  • Detoxification capacity
  • Micronutrients
  • Food intolerances

Based on the findings from genetic testing, treatment options can include taking micronutrients to help supply your gut with essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and a customized recipe book and meal plan. 

Other Ways to Optimize Your Gut Microbiome

Besides individualized genetic testing, there are various ways to improve your gut health

Increase Fibre Intake

Fibre is an essential nutrient that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. A high-fibre diet can promote healthy bacteria growth and regular bowel movements. You can increase your fibre intake by eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. 

Reduce Sugar & Refined Carbohydrates

Sugar and refined carbohydrates can damage the gut microbiome by promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. These foods increase the risk of inflammation, leaky gut, and other gut issues. Limiting sugar and refined carbohydrates can improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and aid with weight loss. Try natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, and fruits instead. 


Probiotics are “good” bacteria that promote gut health and aid digestion. You can ask your doctor about probiotic supplements or eat fermented foods with probiotic sources, like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. 

Adding probiotics to your diet can help restore the balance of healthy bacteria in your gut and improve digestion. It’s important to note that some people may experience gas or bloating when introducing probiotics to their diet. 


Physical activity helps promote a healthy and diverse gut microbiome. Walking 30 minutes a day can significantly impact your gut health. Exercise can also help with weight loss. 

Avoid Antibiotics

Antibiotics have the opposite effect of probiotics on gut health. While antibiotics are great for treating infections, they can wipe out your gut bacteria, including the good and bad bacteria. If you are on antibiotics, ensure you take probiotics to replenish the gut bacteria. 

Cut Back on Red Meat

Red meat from livestock raised with antibiotics can negatively affect your gut. Genetic testing can help create a meal plan based on your individualized needs. 

Reduce Stress 

Chronic stress can negatively impact gut health by disrupting the balance of bacteria in the gut. The imbalance in gut bacteria can lead to inflammation, poor digestion, and weight gain. Incorporate stress-reducing techniques like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing into your daily routine to improve gut health and overall well-being.

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Genetic Testing for Overall Health

Improving your gut microbiome can significantly impact your weight loss journey. With genetic analysis and testing, you can receive personalized treatment for optimizing your gut health and losing weight. A healthy gut means a healthy you!Book an appointment with Zulu Medical Cosmetics to learn more about medical DNA testing and how it can benefit your health.


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  • Written by Dr. Jeane Lombard

    Dr. Lombard was born and raised in South Africa. In 1998, she graduated from the University of Pretoria with her medical degree. She worked as a physician in London, England from 1998 to 2002. In 2002, Dr. Lombard made the decision to move to Canada. She became a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada that same year, allowing her to practice medicine in Saskatoon, Canmore, and Calgary.

    Dr. Lombard has been working as a medical professional for over 21 years, and in that time, she has discovered a deep passion for the cosmetic side of medicine. Today, she specializes in cosmetic procedures, boasting 13 years in the industry.
    With deep compassion for her patients and a professional commitment to exemplary care, Dr. Lombard prioritizes health and safety over all else. When she isn’t hard at work, Dr. Lombard likes to spend time with friends in the mountains, enjoying good food and fine wine.

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