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Botox Aftercare: What to Avoid After Treatment

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It’s true, getting older means getting wrinkles. But Botox is a safe and effective way to make wrinkles disappear. Getting the most out of your Botox treatments requires some best practices after each session.

Our team specializes in administering Botox injections. Book an appointment to get back that youthful exuberance and smooth skin. You can always expect personal care instructions from our clinic, but some general guidelines will help make your Botox injections last longer and achieve the aesthetic you are hoping for. 

A Botox Overview

Botox is a muscle relaxer injected into the forehead and face that reduces facial wrinkling. The Botox injections contain the type A botulinum toxin. When administered in controlled doses, this toxin has a freezing effect on our facial muscles. The neurotoxin blocks muscle commands and prevents your skin from being scrunched or folded, reducing lines and wrinkles.

Cosmetic use of Botox began in 2002. It is most commonly applied in the forehead or around the eyes. Botox is usually used to eliminate or reduce forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the eyes, and crows feet at the outside of our eyes.   

Things to Avoid After Botox Treatment

Botox treatments are a very simple procedure that can be repeated safely again and again. The entire treatment process usually only takes about 10 minutes. Patients can expect the effects of a single Botox session to last about 3-4 months. Your actions and lifestyle following a Botox treatment can increase or decrease the wrinkle-removing effectiveness.

Don’t Rub or Massage Your Face

It can be tempting but don’t rub or massage the areas of your face that received injections. You may feel a slight tingling sensation or itching. Avoid rubbing your face for 24 hours after treatment. Pressure on the treated areas can move the toxin around your face, causing unintended aesthetics, such as drooping eyelids.

Wait 24 Hours to Exercise

Normal daily tasks are fine immediately after Botox but serious exercise is not recommended for at least 24 hours. Strenuous activity increases blood flow, which can move the toxin in your forehead to unintended places. Increased blood flow may also lead to bruising at the injection sites. 

Your goal should be to maintain a normal heart rate the day you receive Botox. Gentle facial exercises like smiling, frowning, and eyebrow raises are okay to do right after getting Botox. It may even speed up visual results.

Avoid Certain Medications

Medications that thin your blood may also increase bruising. If it can be avoided, resist taking blood thinners immediately before and after Botox. A common example is Aspirin or other heart medications. Speak with our staff to understand if the medication you have been prescribed will affect your Botox results.  

Refrain from Other Facial Treatments

This one should be easy to do. For at least a full day after your Botox treatment stay away from other facial procedures. This includes facials, derma fillers, and exfoliating scrubs. These treatments can displace toxins from their intended injection areas and may create bruising.

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Keep Out of the Sun

Especially in the first 4 hours after Botox, avoid direct exposure to sunlight on the treated areas. This can cause flushing or increase blood pressure, which may lead to bruising. If possible, avoid the sun for up to 48 hours after your injection session and use sunscreen if you will be outside.

Other things to avoid that can increase blood pressure and the chances of bruising include hot tubs, saunas, hot showers, and tanning beds. 

Don’t Sleep Facedown

You want to avoid putting pressure on the treated areas since this can move the toxin around and reduce the effects of your Botox treatment. This means sleeping on your back the first night and trying to reduce any impact on your facial muscles. Try to avoid any sleep within 4 hours after your Botox, which means no afternoon naps on treatment days!

Preserve Your Youthful Look

Botox is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face. When treatments are done regularly and safely, you can recapture smooth skin. But getting the most out of your Botox injections requires some best practices after treatment. Your primary concerns after treatment are reducing bruising and preventing movement of the Botox within your muscles.

Feeling confident about yourself is an important part of life. Looking youthful, and feeling youthful, can be aided with a simple Botox treatment every few months. Get in touch with our team to schedule your next appointment and to start smiling wrinkle-free again! 


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  • Written by Dr. Jeane Lombard

    Dr. Lombard was born and raised in South Africa. In 1998, she graduated from the University of Pretoria with her medical degree. She worked as a physician in London, England from 1998 to 2002. In 2002, Dr. Lombard made the decision to move to Canada. She became a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada that same year, allowing her to practice medicine in Saskatoon, Canmore, and Calgary.

    Dr. Lombard has been working as a medical professional for over 21 years, and in that time, she has discovered a deep passion for the cosmetic side of medicine. Today, she specializes in cosmetic procedures, boasting 13 years in the industry.
    With deep compassion for her patients and a professional commitment to exemplary care, Dr. Lombard prioritizes health and safety over all else. When she isn’t hard at work, Dr. Lombard likes to spend time with friends in the mountains, enjoying good food and fine wine.

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